Salted Ambassadors

Sun-kissed skin, salty hair, and a heart that beats in rhythm with the ocean – that's Mikayla Atkins in a nutshell.

This Aussie wave rider isn't just about conquering epic swells (though let's be honest, she does that with effortless style). Mikayla's life revolves around the endless summer – chasing waves, soaking up sunshine, and capturing it all through her incredible lens.

Beyond shredding across turquoise perfection, Mikayla fosters a vibrant online community, sharing her sun-drenched adventures through captivating photography. As one of Salted's main lifestyle photographers, her talent for translating the stoke and beauty of coastal living into stunning imagery is unmatched. From crystal-clear barrels to sun-soaked coastlines, Mikayla's work makes you want to jump right into the frame.

Follow Mikayla's world (@mikaylaatkins) and get ready for a serious case of wanderlust.

You'll be itching to grab your Salted gear and chase your own epic adventures, all inspired by Mikayla's infectious enthusiasm for life, travel, and of course, conquering that next wave.

@mikaylaatkins @miii.visuals

Hannah Bennett isn't your typical surfer. Raised on a secluded Polynesian island north of Fiji, the ocean isn't just her playground, it's her lifeblood. This deep connection fuels her passion for protecting the waves and amplifying the voices of indigenous communities. Juggling motherhood, career aspirations, and a relentless drive to break barriers, Hannah is a force to be reckoned with.

Early on, Hannah represented Fiji on the international surfing circuit, traveling the globe while chasing epic swells. A vocal advocate for female surfers, she empowers her local community by running empowering girls' surf clinics ("Fiji Girls Surf Clinic"), organizing competitions, and fostering a deep respect for ocean stewardship.

But Hannah's impact extends beyond the breaking wave. She's a dedicated ambassador for organizations like Save The Waves Coalition, the Mamanuca Environmental Society, and the Polynesian Voyaging Society. She shattered another glass ceiling by becoming the first female president of the Fiji Surfing Association, proving waves aren't the only things she can conquer."The next generation deserves opportunities I never had," Hannah explains. "Surfing is a powerful tool for empowerment."

Her mission is to inspire young surfers, safeguard her people's heritage, and protect her cherished home break – the place where it all began.